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The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey – Our Special Program

Want more money?

Want to change your life?

Want more happiness?

Want to banish lack from your life?

Then this is the course for you!

More discussion follows but first I want to give those of you who are impatient a straight shot to Bob and Mary’s own course description.

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What are the 11 forgotten laws?

Well since they have never really been a secret.

The Eleven Laws are:
1) The Law of Thinking
2) The Law of Supply
3) The Law of Attraction
4) The Law of Receiving
5) The Law of Increase
6) The Law of Compensation
7) The Law of Non-Resistance
8) The Law of Forgiveness
9) The Law of Sacrifice
10) The Law of Obedience
11) The Law of Success

Bob freely admits that he came upon these laws reading the book Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell. You receive a free digital copy of this book as part of the course.  In fact, over 80% of the audio material in the course consists of readings from the book.

The course contains 95 audio recordings divided into modules that focus on each of the eleven laws.  Each module also includes a work assignment designed to focus your thinking and capture your insights from the audio recordings.

I really enjoy listening to the audio recordings which average about 6 minutes each.  Just the right amount of information to get you thinking without sending your brain into overload.  This course, all by itself, can give you a huge prosperity boost.  Excellent mindset building material.

I found only one problem with the course.  There was a void.

The course needed two more components:

  1. Some supporting tie-ins to other great works on prosperity.
  2. More practical and action oriented assignments.

I decided to do something to fill in the void.

When you sign up for The 11 Forgotten Laws, you don’t just get Bob and Mary’s fabulous teachings and all of their bonuses; you also receive a present from me.

The 11 Forgotten Laws course has the ability to transform your life all by itself.  The 12 modules contain powerful information that can bring a pleasant combination of wealth, happiness and inner peace to you.

You could now read some long list of benefits you might receive from this program but in reality the exact benefits are different for each person who chooses this path.  You will receive benefits that fit your special needs.

You determine your own benefits.

Your present is a companion video course designed to reinforce the lessons on the Laws, answer any questions you might have, and accelerate you into action.

This support course is not just some one time static course that has been recorded for you to download. It is an evolving creation that will be dynamically updated inside a private membership area as you ask your newest question.

I can’t promise that is going to solve every problem in your life.

I can promise that if you are willing to make the commitment I will be here as long as you need me.

You are not restrained to only asking questions about the 11 Forgotten Laws. Questions can be on any subject that fits in with the topic of prosperity, abundance, or money.

If I have an answer I will give it you. If don’t have an answer, I will search for one. I am a man on a mission. That mission is to make sure that you get the prosperity you desire.

Answers to a few basic questions

“What does the course cost?” Just $97 for the 11 Forgotten Laws Course and the present is free!

“Are there any hidden costs in the present?” Nope!

“Why did you choose this course?” I looked at every course I could find. This was the only one that attracted and held my attention. So, I purchased it myself.  Now I want to share it with you.

The Eleven Forgotten Laws are not a fad. The Laws are delightfully based on long-term tried and true principles.

“Does my present cover anything beside the Eleven Forgotten Laws?” Yes!

Your present will also make connections to such material as:
1) Napoleon Hill’s – Laws of Success
2) Catherine Ponder’s – Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
3) Florence Scovell Shinn’s – The Game of Life and How to Play It.
4) Don Miguel Ruiz’s – The Four Agreements
5) Or any of the other hundreds of books in the twenty cases of books I accumulated and read during my two decades as a bookseller.

“Once I enroll in the 11 Forgotten Laws and receive my present will I be inundated with sales emails?” Absolutely not!

At least not from me.  There will be some completely separate emails from Bob and Mary’s publishing company.

You should concentrate on working the course for 12 weeks before even considering another program and we have no intention of offering any temptations.

“So what I do to get started?”

You go here: The 11 Laws Forgotten Laws and order the course.

You then come back here and Claim Your Present!  (Bring your order ID #)

I have decided to include a special bonus for the first 50 people how decide to commit to this program ( or our seperate membership program).  After you work with the 11 Laws for 12 weeks you will receive a free 1-on-1 personal coaching session.

Special Bonus: 45 minute live individual coaching session –

“I remember reading that much of the audio course is just readings from the book.  Can’t I just buy the book and read it myself?”

Sure you can.  This is not the most prosperous thinking but I can understand that some people are working on a budget and simply want to get started.  Make sure to put your name on the mailing list so that you can receive updates on new posts.  I plan on doing a series on all the Laws of Prosperity.

You can also choose Option B.

Buy “Working With The Laws” from Amazon  and signup for our membership program. (Details)

What Is In This For You?

What’s in this for me?” you ask.

Whatever you want. “ I reply.

One Caveat

You need to be mindful of the difference between dreams and fantasies.  Your dreams are those things that have at least some chance of coming true.  The likelihood is not as important as long as there is some chance.  An example would be winning the lottery.  It could happen if you have a ticket.

Fantasies are outcomes for which there is no likelihood of any kind.  An example would be becoming a star NBA center if you are 5’ 4” tall and 65 years old.

What is in it for you?  Any dream you are willing to make a reality.  Though, I wouldn’t count on winning the lottery.

I get what I want simply by putting this material on the website.    You can get whatever you want simply by taking any insights you receive from the material and applying them to your life.

Of course, we can all receive more through a higher level of interaction.  So, please use the comment section after each post to ask questions, give your thoughts or provide feedback as to how I might better serve your needs.  I encourage you to use the comment section on this post to tell me what you were looking for when you decided to visit this site.

Please feel free to use the comment section to say what it is that you want out of life and what kind of assistance you need.  I pledge to be a committed listener.

Note:  If you don’t want the content of your comment to be posted on this site, just enter this on the last line — *Please don’t post* and I will leave your entry out of the comment stream.

Paid members have a private feedback and support system within the members’ area.

Why Am I Doing This?

Why am I doing this?

The explanation starts with two videos created by people with two different political view points. The first video talks about the problem.  The second video starts to talk about the solution.

A brief summary is below the video (6:24).

I am going to ignore the politics because I have seriously come to hate politics.

The main take away from this video is that 80% of Americans have only 7% of the wealth. I find this very disturbing and something needs to be done.

I immediately realized that this video was skipping a very important point.

Which leads to The second video (2:08).  Once again a summary follows.

A slightly different political view point but the video does not dispute the economic facts explained in the first video.

The main take away from this video is that the opportunity for upward mobility exists.

What action could I take to change the situation?

I pondered this question for a few moments and it quickly came to me that I had the experience and the will to assist people to increase their financial mobility.

Early in my career I was a financial planner working primarily with everyday working people and I found this to be very rewarding work while paying my bills. However, in a career move, I went upscale as a stockbroker and fee based financial planner aiming at a more affluent clientele.

This was not as rewarding and not very much fun. Plus I learned the secret to financial success…

Never buy investments from someone who sells them for a living!

Goodbye career in finance.

My favorite part of the next stage of my career was as an independent bookseller. The bookstores I was involved with all carried primarily spiritual and self help books. It was fun to have customers come in looking for information on these subjects and helping them find the right books. Thank-yous from regular customers made the work very rewarding.

Unfortunately, independent bookstores succumbed to the joint pressure from big box chains and the emergence of Amazon.

I will get to what is in this for you soon but first I will go back an even earlier point in time.

As a young child, I was seriously misbehaving one morning while visiting my grandparents. My grandmother sat me down in a chair and handed me a copy of The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovell Shinn. I was not going to be allowed to go outside to play on this fine summer day until I had read the book and discussed what I had learned with my grandmother.

The course of my life was changed and a life long love affair with the philosophy of prosperity began.

What’s in it for you?


A Wonderful Way to Prosperity with Florence Shinn Cards

Today is the first of many posts to come based on The Florence Shinn Cards.  These cards contain quotes from the classic book “The Game of Life & How to Play It” by Florence Scovel Shinn.

The process is to shuffle the deck three times. Cut the deck three times. Then select the top card.

No deep spiritual process involved here. This is simply the rhythm I have developed when picking a card.

I will then contemplate the card and write a post with the intent of providing you some prosperous some enlightenment.

Here is the first card:

Shinn Card JPEG“I have a wonderful work

in a wonderful way.

I give wonderful service

for wonderful pay!”

– The Law of Nonresistance


Wow! The first card drawn is one of my favorites.

Can you hear it? A most delightful rhyme, that lends itself to being repeatedly sung to oneself.

Do this a few times. How does it feel?

“I have a wonderful work…”

Feel free to replace the word work with whatever word best suits your situation. (Business, Health, Love, etc.) We will continue to use the word work for purposes of discussion.

Do you have a wonderful work? If not, can you imagine what wonderful work would look like?

Let us say that you have a delightful position at Burger World as a highly trained professional saying, “Would you like fries with that?” Good chance that you don’t experience this as “wonderful work”.

What if you did?

What if you approached each shift as being wonderful work? How would your life change?

This is not to suggest that you should give up any dream or vision you have or are developing regarding what you would consider to be truly wonderful work. Simply explore the power of experiencing whatever you are doing as wonderful work.

The path to finding wonderful work, your dream work, starts at the point where you can accept all work as wonderful work.

An Example of Wonderful Work

Take this work that I am doing here. Engaging in the exploration of the meaning of prosperity in a public manner with the intent of empowering my readers to greater personal prosperity is truly wonderful work.

“… in a wonderful way.”

Almost self-explanatory though it is good to reflect on what a wonderful way means to you.

What would your work look like if you always performed it in a wonderful way? Can you feel it?

The quality of the process of the doing of your work hugely affects the experience, the outcome of and the prosperity derived from your work.

Let us use again the example of the work I am doing right now.

I am sitting on the comfortable coach with the light from a beautiful sunrise streaming into the living room. There is a cat curled in a ball behind me. Two small dogs have just come downstairs and are jumping on my legs giving me their cutest “Let’s go for a walk” looks.

Brief intermission…

Back. The walk on a lovely sunny morning was definitely part of a wonderful way. When not being completely in the moment of the splendor of the day, I contemplated what to say to you.

The wonderful way is part of what you bring to the work. That is really true if you have one of those jobs saying “Do you want fries with that?”

Your mission is to bring as much wonderful way to the work as you can. Do your best to preserve your own sanity. At least until you can move into that real wonderful work that you have envisioned for yourself.

“I give wonderful service …”

Now that is a powerful phrase.

“I give wonderful service…”

No matter what your work, giving wonderful service should be your main goal. Giving wonderful service raises all the different wonderfuls of your work.

Give wonderful service to everyone you serve. Customers, clients, co-workers, and even bosses all deserve wonderful service. Doing this will bring more joy to your work.

I recognize that there are times when the people you are serving don’t seem to appreciate the wonderful service. That is their problem not yours.

Provide your wonderful service without any concern with acknowledgement from others.

When you are out in the world and are receiving wonderful service, acknowledge the person providing the service.

Heck, acknowledge everyone giving you service even if the service is not that wonderful at the moment. You will find that overtime the level of service you receive starts to become more wonderful.

Do you see that the wonderful service that you provide others also provides wonderful service to your inner self? Think about it.

“… for wonderful pay.’’

Pay is the tricky part for most of us. That is because we tend to only think of the money.

Pay can take many forms:

1)  The smile on a customer’s face.
2)  A thank-you from a customer.
3)  The ”job well done” from a superior.
4)  A raise!

The inner satisfaction of work done wonderfully.

I don’t want to avoid the money part of prosperity and abundance. Money is important to the extent that it takes care of your needs and fulfills your dreams.

Just don’t ignore the job satisfaction portion of pay. Explorer what other types of pay you are or could be receiving?

An example of extra pay in the “Do you want fries with that?” job is the better reference you will receive by approaching your minimum wage job as wonderful.

If you are doing wonderful work in a wonderful way and giving wonderful service for lousy pay; it is time to take your work elsewhere!

My pay has been the subtle shifts in all the different work that I do. Everything has been moving to more wonderful through the process of thinking about this card every day.

A great process for developing your own prosperity is to live with this card for the next week.

“I have a wonderful work
in a wonderful way.
I give wonderful service
for wonderful pay!”

Sing it to yourself. Sing it quietly out loud. Heck, sing it as loud as you want!

Think about how each section applies to the work that you currently do.

Apply each section to the work you currently do.

What? Your current work does not fit all four sections.

Spend time creating the work that completely fits.

Create your vision for your perfect work.

Decide what the next step is to get to your perfect work.

Take the step!

Definition of Abundance

Just like with the definition of prosperity, we will start the definition of abundance with the standard dictionary words used to define abundance.

Abundance: Benevolence, a great amount, a copious supply, affluence, wealth, a great or plentiful amount.

Now most people are already keying into the affluence and wealth part of the definition.  So let’s supply some visual imagery to go with it.

Abundant as salt in the sea;
Abundant as air;

There is more salt and air than you could ever use in your entire lifetime.  Imagine having the same situation with money.

How about a few quotes?

Ample as the wants of man – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
Thick as summer stars – William Blake
Or the most famous one…
My cup runneth over – Twenty-third Psalm

Are you there yet? Try a few more good words.

Copiousness , Teemingness
Bountifulness, Plentitude, Profusion
Or one of my favorites….

Maybe a little Wayne Dyer for the PBS fans:
– Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.
– Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

Now we are moving into new territory.  Abundance can have a quality, a consciousness to go along with the magnitude.

There is a state of being that emerges when you realize that your thoughts can influence how much you receive.  There is plenty of whatever you desire out there but it needs to pass through your mental and emotional gateways without get trapped in the corners of your mind.

If you can only imagine a small amount of abundance than that is what you will receive.  So start stretching your thinking about how much of the abundance is available to you. Dare to dream about what you really want!

Definition of Prosperity

To find a definition of prosperity we will first look at what the standard dictionary definition say.  Then we will begin the journey to each having our own personal definition.

These are some of the basic dictionary phrases used to define prosperity:
1) Financial well-being
2) Affluence
3) The condition of being successful
4) Good fortune
5) Prosperous circumstances
6) Having wealth
7) The condition of being prosperous

I really love the definition; the state of being prosperous.  The quest for a deeper understanding requires us to examine the definition of prosperous.

The dictionary phrases for prosperous are:
1) Having financial success
2) Flourishing
3) To be fortunate
4) Thriving
5) Advancing in the pursuit of anything desirable
6) Conducive to success

Starting with this richness of words we will create a more vivid definition of prosperity.  The more vivid a definition of prosperity you can hold in your head, the easier it will be to build the prosperity that you seek.

The first thing most people think of when considering the concept of prosperity is money. A lot of money with which to fulfill their dreams and passions.

Prosperity is considered to be having enough money to live a good life without scarcity.  The word prosperity is often used by economists to describe a period of time of a rapidly growing economy with low unemployment.  That doesn’t sound too much like today but you can still learn to create personal prosperity.

Many people believe that prosperity also has a health component.  In fact it is very difficult to separate the concept of good health from personal prosperity.

A third prosperity gauge is having peace of mind.  Low stress and a happy life is usually the goal that people have in mind when they are thinking about having wealth.
I personally believe that the true definition of prosperity includes money, health and state of mind.

All around well-being.

If you possess good health and peace of mind, you don’t usually worry so much about money.

Having money can help with peace of mind.  When all the bills are paid and you have extra funds for fun and savings, there is less stress.

Less stress helps lead to a long and happy life.

I will be doing my best to make wholistic prosperity real for you in future posts.  The more people who experience personal prosperity, the sooner we can get the economy back on track to have prosperity for all.  Meanwhile, continue to define prosperity for yourself.

More on this subject as we move forward.

Here is to your evolving prosperousness!